Destination 2D is revolutionizing chip design and manufacturing

Founded in 2021, Destination 2D (D2D) is powered by transformative Technology and an incredible Team.

D2D’s vision is to provide an unprecedented breakthrough in performance, energy-efficiency, and reliability for next generation ICs by integrating graphene into mainstream CMOS technology, allowing for continued IC scaling to advance Moore’s law.

Better Reliability & Energy-efficiency

Engineered graphene offers 100-folds higher current-carrying capacity compared to conventional metal interconnects leading to thinner and more energy-efficient interconnects

Lower Cost

Far fewer equipments compared to the complex Cu Dual Damascene process

Less Complexity

Significantly fewer process steps and easier integration than state-of-the-art Cu Dual Damascene

Better Sustainability

⊕ Allow ultra energy-efficient chips consuming lower power

⊕ Lower energy consumption in BEOL manufacturing by eliminating or shortening process steps