Accelerating integration of graphene into mainstream CMOS technology

D2D Logo

Destination 2D is a unique nanotechnology equipment company poised to deliver unprecedented breakthroughs in:

  • Performance
  • Energy-efficiency &
  • Reliability for next generation ICs by integrating graphene into mainstream CMOS

Moore’s law will continue unabated with less complexity in the BEOL interconnects enabled by Destination 2D Technology

Industry First

Our fab-friendly low-temperature graphene synthesis equipment is an industry first

Transfer Free

Our breakthrough synthesis technology
eliminates the need to transfer graphene

BEOL Compatible

Graphene synthesized at back-end-of-line
compatible < 400 °C temperatures

300 mm Graphene

Our proprietary CoolC™ technology allows up to
300mm graphene synthesis

What we offer you

Increased Performance

Reduced Process Complexity

Reduced Cost

Increased Energy Efficiency


Leadership Team

Dr. Kaustav Banerjee


Ravi Iyengar

Chairman & Co-CEO 

Dave Silvetti

Chief Product Officer

Dr. Satish Sundar

Chief Engineer – Systems Build

Frank Hochstenbach

VP Business Operations

Dr. Nalin Rupeshinge

VP Engineering – Process & Tool

Dr. Israel Beinglass

Advisor – Tool & Process Integration

Brian Cronquist

Technology & IP

Joseph Bach

IP Counsel

Carmelo Gordian

Corporate Counsel & Board Advisor